of our charism for the Church


The charism of the Apostles of the Interior Life is at the heart for what is needed for the renewal of the life of the Church in our time. It is clear to me that the hand of God is upon this sapling community.

I have seen already the great benefit the Apostles are to our Archdiocese, helping us advance in the essential element for pastoral renewal – providing rich opportunities for education in prayer and growth in holiness. I am thrilled with their willingness to help form others in their journey towards God.

The joy, the abandonment to God’s will, the simplicity of life and the delight in introducing others to their friend Jesus, that so characterizes the Apostles of the Interior Life, has captivated the hearts of the laity, deacons, priests and bishops of this Archdiocese.  We give thanks that God’s providence has brought them to America’s heartland.

I am very grateful for the presence of the Apostles of the interior Life in the Archdiocese with their special charism and expertise in the area of spiritual direction.


Archbishop J F Naumann

Archbishop of Kansas City, KS


In a message in 2006, Pope Benedict XVI spoke about the need for “a new generation of apostles anchored firmly in the word of Christ, capable of responding to the challenges of our times and prepared to spread the Gospel far and wide.”

The Apostles of the Interior Life are part of this “new army” of faithful apostles who love Christ and his Church, and are committed to guide souls, particularly young people, in their spiritual formation and life of prayer. I have known and admired the Apostles of the Interior Life for quite some time now and I give them my full support. Their joy and the enthusiasm for the Lord are contagious!


Archbishop J D Conley

Bishop of Lincoln, NE